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Over the years, Hotel Arena has transformed from being a nursing home into a 4-star hotel with a café, restaurant and multifunctional venue for hosting cultural and entertainment events. Below is a brief history of Hotel Arena.

1992 Cultural International Youth Center

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In 1992 the International Center for Youth, Culture and Tourism opened and was named Arena.

2002 Hotel Arena

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After an extensive renovation, Hotel Arena opened on 7 February 2002. The sleep-in hostel was definitively transformed into a full-service hospitality business with a full range of services together in one building: the ToStay hotel, the ToNight club, the ToDrink bar and the ToDine restaurant.

2005 Dutch Hospitality Top 100

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In 2005, the Amsterdam Village Company (Hotel Arena’s parent company) became one of the top 100 hospitality businesses in the Netherlands. The group has maintained its position on the list since then, and in 2011 moved up to  the number 57 spot  on the list.

1886 Design Property Hotel Arena

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The original buildings were designed by the architect Adrianus Bleijs. The design was inspired by French hospitals of the time.

1889 St. Elisabeth hospice officially opened

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The St. Elisabeth home for invalid women opened officially in the year 1889. The home was an extension of the R. C. Maagdenhuis, a Roman Catholic orphanage for girls. A lot of these girls stayed when they got older due to disabilities.  Sint Elisabeth housed disabled and terminally ill women as well as  adult orphans from the R.C Maagdenhuis. Regents of the Maagdenhuis managed and controlled the Foundation and the Sisters of Charity of Tilburg took care of the women.

1941 Occupation during second world war

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In 1944, the Sint Elisabeth Home was itself commandeered by occupying forces. After the war, the original residents returned to the property. This marked the beginning of financial difficulties for the Home.  In 1969, a nursing home foundation leased and renovated the property. The church’s chapel was turned into a recreation hall.

1941 Refugee Center

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1941- During the second world war, the loft of the property functioned as shelter for Belgium refugees. The baby delivery department of the hospital ‘Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis’ was also situated  in the buiding of Hotel Arena in that time, because the occupier took over their property.