In one room, a wild concert; in the Chapel, a fashion show; and in the Salon, a special themed dinner. The fact that everything and everyone inspires each other is what we like best. That is why we like to make room for people, groups and initiatives that contribute to the culture of the city with good ideas.


Exhibition CORE

In this second edition of CORE, the group reunites to explore the concept of emergence. Surrounded by the chaos and alienation of a world in crisis, they seek cohesion and synergy. Bringing together their individual ideas on humanity’s relationship with time, space and nature, their visuals interconnect as elements of a greater whole. New insights and future visions emerge.

Visit the exhibition from 27 August - 20 October at Hotel Arena.


GLUE Amsterdam

The second edition of GLUE Amsterdam connected by design is about to start. Participants will show their latest designs from 16 to 19 September 2021. 

Hotel Arena will be one of GLUE's Hubs, which is the pleasant result of several participants presenting themselves at one location, which leads to spontaneous collaborations. For example, design label Banne from interior design company Zuiver and GLUE's founding partner Interface will find each other in their sustainable goals during a joint presentation in GLUE Hub Hotel Arena. 

Visit GLUE between 16 - 19 September at Hotel Arena.

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