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The "Best Price Guarantee" from Hotel Arena guarantees the best price for a booking made on its own website: Did you see the same room on the same date and on the same conditions via a different website but at a lower rate? Please contact our reservations department via before the check-in date (available from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). In the event that the settlement from Hotel Arena did not succeed before the check-in time, the booking made will remain valid and settlement will take place after your stay.


Hotel Arena guarantees the best price based on the following conditions:

·                   The "Best Price Guarantee" only applies to public rates where no membership, login or other restrictions apply;

·                   The lower rate on the other website must meet the same criteria as the original booking (same room category, inclusions, stay dates, and rate description). Payment and cancellation conditions must be the same as the conditions of the booking you have made;

·                   The price is compared net, without taxes and any other surcharges. The lower rate must still be available for reservation at the time the hotel verifies the claim. Differences in the rate that are only due to fluctuating exchange rates and/or differences in exchange rates are not covered by the guarantee;

·                   If your booking includes more than one night, the comparison is made between the total room rate on and the total room rate on the other website;

·                   The ‘Best Price Guarantee’ is not valid where it is prohibited by law. Hotel Arena reserves the right to change the ‘Best Price Guarantee’ conditions at any time without prior notice;

·                   Hotel Arena has the exclusive right to verify the validity of a claim, including the determination that the lower rate found is actually available and that the claim meets all conditions.

How does it work

When the observed lower rate meets all of the above conditions, Hotel Arena equals the best price while you benefit from all the benefits of booking directly.

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