Interview: Chef Sander Louwerens

Sander Louwerens is chef at PARK Café-Restaurant, the corresponding restaurant of Hotel Arena. PARK Café-Restaurant is a hide-away in the Oosterpark. This all-day hotspot is divided into an intimate seating area, an atmospheric café area, a restaurant with table linen and a large terrace where you can sit in the sun all day. Time to get to know Sander better and discover his story behind the dishes on the menu.

Sander, can you tell something about yourself?

‘Yes, I grew up in Rotterdam. In this city I have worked in various well-known restaurants, including La Duchesse and Zochers. At La Duchesse I learned the tricks of the trade. Zochers was a hip restaurant where cooking was done at a high level. In my time at Zochers I have had many attractive offers to come and work for other restaurants. One day John Halvemaan († 2019) came to dine here and he made me a great offer that I couldn't resist. That is how I moved to Amsterdam. I worked in restaurant Halvemaan and several other restaurants, including the Supperclub. Then I started my own restaurant "Lof" on the Haarlemmerstraat. After twenty years, I sold Lof and started a new restaurant, a pop-up restaurant on Stadionplein.’