Work at Hotel Arena

Looking for an iconic office space? We've got you covered! Book a day or overnight stay below.



Oh well… 2021 will still be the year that we will truly work from anywhere and who said serious business calls can’t be fun? At least they are at Hotel Arena! Change scenery and make your office days a great one.

What you can offer:

  • Office space for two days
  • One night in one of our iconic rooms
  • Lunch on day 1
  • 3-course dinner
  • Breakfast for champs

Private office

Working 9 to 5 in a splendid hotel room? That’s right! Our rooms are set-up for you to work in full piece and just one step away from Amsterdam’s most beautiful park.

What you can expect:

  • Office space for the day
  • Lunch
  • Free walks in the park

Prices from €70,-


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